Myriorama: A collection of Many Thousand Landscapes

Type Party Game

An 1820's parlor game

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In the 1820's, artist John Heaviside Clark and London publisher Samuel Lehigh designed this sixteen panel Myriorama (a myriad of pictures producing a panorama). Clark painted images of the British countryside including boats, cottages and ruins. The panels were designed so that no matter the order, they always fit together.

A favorite in parlors and drawing rooms of the time, we have it here for you to enjoy. Arrange panels to make a scene or tell a story. Enjoy the clothing and look of the countryside at that time. And watch out for the guy in the blue coat. The panels are numbered so you can recall a favorite scene or story. Great for all ages and a little bit of history too.

The original is at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens.

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