The Britannia Compendium of Games

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Type Game Collection
Ages 3+
Players 2+

So many classic games!

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A pretty old-timey box overflowing with great classic games. If you are interested in the some of these excellent originals, this set is an excellent value and will save you a lot of shelf space. Pieces are made from wood, not plastic, and the boards feature the same classic 1940's aesthetic as the box.

The compendium features two lesser known classics, muggins and snap, that warrant some explanation.
Muggins, which according to its rules has been "described as 'the best game in the world,'" has players try to get rid of numbered cards by placing them in ordered piles in the middle of the table. The last player holding any cards is called Muggins "which causes laughter and merriment."

Snap uses a deck of 42 cards featuring 12 different 1800's caricatures. Players turn over cards attempting to call out matches when they see them and take the cards. The player that collects all of the cards wins.

The compendium includes:
•Chinese Checkers
•Pick-up Sticks
•Playing Cards
•Poker Dice
•"Snap" A Pictorial Card Game
•Muggins -The Ideal Party Card Game
•Steeple Chase Horse Race Game

And somehow it all fits rather nicely into one box.