Jukem Football

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Type Card Game
Ages 8+
Players 2-4
Time 20 minutes

Play out a football game.

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Each player manages a football team and plays out a game. Players have a hand of actions such as "catch," "pass" and "run" that they can use to move the ball up the field. However there are also defensive cards such as "interception," "fumble," "penalty" and "blitz" that can be used to slow down the opponent or steal the ball.

The ball's progress is kept track of on a yard line diagram representing the field. If a player moves the ball 100 yards he or she scores a touchdown. Additionally if the ball is within the 30 yard line the player can play a field goal card to score points as well.

Once all the cards have been played it's half-time and players reshuffle the cards and play the second half.

Includes 1 normal Jukem deck, 1 rookie Jukem deck and 1 rulebook with drive tracker.