Beadecked View larger

Type Card Game
Ages 6+
Players 2-6
Time 10-30 minutes

An all new style of cards for playing 6 unique games.

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Beadecked is an original deck of 108 cards decorated with beads each bearing different shapes, color and patterns. The deck can be used to play 6 different games.

Beadecked: Race to lay down a necklace of appropriately matched cards.

Beadrummy: Be the first to make three strings of closely matching cards.

Beadominoes: String your beads together by matching qualities.

Beadspoke: Try to get rid of all of your cards by playing them onto shared strings of cards.

Beadtween: Players compete to collect strings of cards by surrounding strings of cards.

Beadmarket: Fish for the bead cards you need to complete a string.

A great game for your crafty, jewelry-making friends!

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