Girder & Panel Boston Manor

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Type Construction Set
Ages 6+

Customizable real estate for your other toys

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Are your figures, dolls or stuffed animals looking for a place to live? Well then how about this colonial manor representative of 1700's architecture? This Girder and Panel set is designed be built either in a larger dollhouse scale OR the usual small scale of other sets.

Whenever you grow tired of the layout you can tear it down and rebuild it however you like. You can also expand it with other Girder and Panel Sets to create the super structure of your dreams. Great for anyone with toys.

Girder & Panel sets are based off of, and are compatible with a toy of the same name from the 1950's. The sets are designed to be assembled just like a real building; a framework of sturdy supports are assembled first for the rest of the pieces to attach to.

These sets are a great mix of technical and creative play. Not only do they teach children (and adults, lets not kid ourselves) about real world construction and engineering but the sets can also be creatively reshaped into whatever bizarre structure your mind can conceive of.