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Halloween decorating solved!

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Looking to set an eerie mood? Want to impress your Halloween guests? All you need is right here in Crow's Castle's exclusive Halloween-in-a-Bag. After years of personal Halloween experience, we have put together items that we have found invaluable to decorating for Halloween. They will get you set up for fright in no time and can be used in new ways each year. Use them to set up for a scary game night or to welcome trick-or-treaters. Put on your favorite Halloween music, open the bag, and let your spirits rise....

Inside you will find.....

 Skull02.jpg1. Antique Skull - This skull is approximately life-sized (about 6 inches tall) adds a bit of elegance in an antique bronze color with black highlights. Great for reciting Shakespeare or as an added guest to Halloween tea.

Spider01.jpg2. Spider! - One Big Scary Spider - If you make your web big, you will need a big, hairy spider. Ours is a full 13 inches in standing position. The body is 5 inches long. Nice and fuzzy with shiny red eyes, it is sure to surprise!

Spiders01.jpg3. More Spiders! - Twelve delicate tiny spiders to put wherever they are most unwelcome, such as your teacup or your spiderweb lace.

WebCloth01.jpg4. Spider-Web Lace ( approx. 45x58 in.) Use this lovely spider web stretch lace as an elegant table topper, over a bookshelf to hide your treasures from prying hands, or in a corner to add some eeriness. You can even wear it as a cape or shawl.

Web01.jpg5. Pack of stretching webbing - You can always use a little webbing... across the back of your chair or around the base of your chandelier. If you can put a few nails on an outside wall or piece of wood, you can weave your web back and forth around the nails, the messier the better.

Candle01.jpg6. Flameless Candle - Need some eerie lighting? Try this natural-looking flickering candle. Has both on/off and timer modes. Six inches tall, made of wax and safe for use around costumes.

BlackFabric01.jpg7. Black Gossamer (approx. 3'x10') - This fabric is great for mending your old Halloween props that are starting to look a little worn or last minute costumes. Can be used as table covers or to hide all that stuff in the corner. Put it under props outside. With this fabric, you can turn an elegant piece of furniture into something dark and other-worldly.

Lights01.jpg8. Three Feature lights - We have found that these lights are great to highlight a decoration or to light a path. They have no cord, so they can be put anywhere. Especially helpful if you keep your rooms very dark. The rest of the year, keep one on your night table to find your way in the dark. (Each light requires 3 AAA batteries, included.)

Tape01.jpg9. Clear Packing Tape - We find this tape invaluable for attaching cords to the floor so guests won't trip over them, holding skeletons to chairs (or just holding skeletons together). It is clear so you don't notice it. Great for holding costumes or props together - strong even outside. Don't be caught without it.

SkeletonHands.jpg10. Two Skeleton Hands - These small bendable skeleton hands are just the size to reach out of a box or suitcase, hold a cheese knife or grab onto a candlestick.

InvisibleThread01.jpg11.'Invisible' Thread & Filament - Fine thread for your spiders, your skeleton hands or other creepy crawlies. Filament to suspend a heavier item such as a book, a broom, or your fine silk top hat.

PoisonLabel.jpg12. 'Poison' Label - Uncle Demogorgon's Old Fashioned Poison label to be applied to the bottle of your choice.

halloweenbag100px.jpg13. Scary Face Burlap Bag in which everything else comes - You can use the bag as a head for your scarecrow, a pillow for your couch or a scary mask. On Nov. 1, you can use it to store all the other stuff until next year or next time - whichever comes first.

Before Halloween-in-a-Bag and After Halloween-in-a-Bag