Happy Salmon

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Type Party Game
Ages 6+
Players 3-6

A fin-slapping game for all ages!

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Get your fishy moves on! Each player has a deck of cards of action terms- high five, fist bump, change places and, the most fun one, Happy Salmon! When you get this card, just like real salmon, you slap forearms with another player. When the game is started, you must find someone with the same card to complete your action. The first person to go through the deck wins. This was a favorite at the New York Toy Fair getting even the most inhibited person moving around and having fun. The cards are clear enough for poor readers but fun for adults too. A great ice-breaker.

(Can be played sitting; Instead of switching places you switch decks with another player.)

Includes 6 decks of Happy Salmon cards and directions which all fit into a zippered Happy Salmon cloth container. For more players, add Happy Salmon Blue, the same game but with six more decks of six more colors for up to six more people!

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