Timeline: Americana

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Type Trivia Game
Ages 8+
Players 2-8
Time 15 minutes

Assemble a timeline of everything American!

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A brilliantly simple and clever trivia game. Players take turns trying to place cards of events from America's past and present in chronological order. Includes television, sports, movies, music and history too! The first person to get rid of their cards wins. The game gets more challenging as more events get placed in the timeline and guessing becomes harder.
Those with a little knowledge history and pop culture will find the game accessible since you don't need to know exact dates, while even history buffs will find it hard to place every event correctly. In Timeline, even when you make a mistake you will learn something interesting.

Timeline: Americana can be played on its own or be combined with other Timeline games. Includes 110 discovery cards in a compact metal tin.

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