A Way with Words

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Type Word Game
Ages 8+
Players 2-4
Time 20 minutes

Create tons of words with complete disregard for direction

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Play letters onto the board and score points for every word it makes, up, down, forwards and backwards. Players get extra points if their letters are all the same color. Special chips allow players to move or switch a letter on the board, play another player's letter and play 2 letters in one turn.

Challenging a word is very simple since players have to stick with their play, even if some or all of the words don't score any points. No worrying about "backsies" or penalties for challenging.

Also features rules for A Faster Way with Words for players looking for a fast paced race to use all of their chips.

Includes 1 Game Board with numbers to keep track of score, 12 player score tokens and 124 chips.