Flyin' Goblin

Type Board Game
Ages 8+
Players 2-4
Time 30 minutes

Launch your goblins to pillage the castle!

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In this wacky physics game each player controls a rambunctious band of goblins beseiging a castle. Players take turns catapulting goblins at the castle hoping to pillage treasures from it's wall, knock down enemy goblins, or even knock down the king himself!

Then use the riches you plunder to recruit more powerful goblins to fling at the castle. The winner is the player who successfully constructs their Totem (without it getting knocked down) or else the one who steals enough diamonds, do you choose to hoard loot? or do you try for a glorious totem victory. Careful planning and aim will see you to victory in this mayhem filled goblin throwing game.