Fairy Tile

Type Board Game
Ages 8+
Players 2-4
Time 30 minutes

Strategically place tiles to tell your story first.

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In Fairy Tile each player has a set of cards representing pages of a fairy tale. Each player takes turns either adding tiles to the map, moving the princess, the knight or the dragon around the map or passing their turn so they can take two turns later. Each character moves around the map in different ways and each player tries to progress their own tale by fulfilling specific conditions. The player who finishes their fairy tale can read the tale they created over the course of the game aloud and win.

This game features gorgeous fairy tale inspired artwork and 3 detailed figures.


3 figures (princess, knight, dragon)

15 location Tiles

36 Page Cards

4 Magic Tokens

4 Player Aid Cards

1 Rulebook

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