Wizard Kittens Card Game

Ages 7+
Players 2-4
Time 15-30 Min.

Kittens who are wizards mess with magic

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Where Wizard Kittens go, trouble follows... These Wizard Kittens have been messing with magic unleashing curses from a book spells. Now they have to make things right by putting all the curses back before Professor Whispurr, the librarian, returns.Do the best magic to win! If you are caught, the kitten with the cleanest paws wins. This is the "Magical" box edition with gold foil accents and stars on the cover. It also glows in the dark!

Pretty kittens and kitten puns are everywhere in this game. An advanced level of play is included. 

For 2-4 players, more with addons.

We will include a special, limited Henrietta Kitten character card with each purchase.

(Expansion will be up on our site shortly.)

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