Bosch Puzzle Playing Cards


Type Playing Cards

A Puzzle, Cards, or Art, you decide!

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Welcome to the strange and unusual world of Heironymus Bosch. This unique deck of cards inspired by him is three things:

--a complete set of cards

--54 unique pieces of art (including jokers). The pips on each card are unique and often part of the picture

--A puzzle. The 54 cards can be assemble into a 20 by 22 inch puzzle.

Observe the flying fish, large birds and walking heads of this amusing and eerie surrealist painter.

A great gift for those who like unusual playing cards, creepy things, and an easy-to-pack puzzle. This deck was created by Sunnish Chabba and includes an extra card with a unique picture combining the art of Bosch and Escher.  

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