Steampunk Easter Basket

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Punk your Easter with Steam!

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This Easter, the Easter Bunny brings you a basket filled with marvels from the world of Steampunk. In each egg you will find fun steampunk items-- a geared up insect, a tiny, green glass bottle to store your absinthe, a metal book with real pages, a miniature telescope, a decorative octopus charm. Wear them on your derby or sash using the included display pin. Or wear them separately on your own chain or ribbon.

We top your basket with a mechanical walking robot, a reproduction tin, bellows-powered singing partridge, and an octopus mini puppet with mysterious eyes. Sure to bring joy to you this Easter! (Partridge and charms may vary slightly. Pliers recommended for permanent attachment to display pin.)

We are proud to offer eco brand products. eco eggs and eco grass are made from 100% recycled material and are 100% renewable. They are also free of BPAs and PVCs.

Note: This basket contains small parts and charms as well as reproduction tin toys. It is not appropriate for young children. If you are buying for a child, may we recommend one of our other baskets or we can make a custom one for you.