Type Party Game
Ages 3+
Players 1-6

Build a crossword with numbers!

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Polish up on those math skills! Let this game help you--As you make crosswords with math! Players are given blue, numbered tiles. White tiles with operation and equals signs are placed in the center of the table. As in Bananagrams and Pick Two, you make a crossword but of connecting equations using your tiles. The first to us up all numbered tiles yells "Mobi!" Everyone takes more tiles and rearranges their equations to use up all their numbered tiles.

Use just addition and subtraction to keep it simple or add multiplication and division for the complete arithmetical experience. It all fits neatly into the Mobi Whale zippered cloth bag--ready to travel! Can accommodate up to six players.

Great for kids who want (or need) to learn math and for older folk who want to keep their minds sharp!