New Scrabble Message Board Edition

Type Word Game
Ages 8+
Players 2-4
Time As long as it takes, really

A classic, magnetic and a message board too!

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Think you are too busy for a game of Scrabble? Well think again! With Message Board Scrabble, you can keep your Scrabble board in play over a day or a week or whenever you have time. Your letters are hidden by hanging your tile rack on the the bottom of the board. You can also leave messages by writing them on the message area or spelling them out with your Scrabble tiles.

This version of Scrabble consists of a full-sized metal game board, magnetic wooden letter tiles, hanging tile racks, a letter tile storage bag, and a message area (dry erase marker included!) which can be used for scoring and messages. Mount it to your dorm door and see who adds the next word...

With its magnetic pieces, Message Board Scrabble is also great for a windy day or travel. Hang in one in your home kitchen to keep a Scrabble game going all during your busy week.(Note: Wall fasteners are not included.)

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