Dragons Slips & Ladders

Type Board Game
Ages 5+
Players 2-4

A beautiful, dragon filled version of the classic children's game

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This is a gorgeously decorated version of the classic game Slips and Ladders (Also known as Chutes and Ladders and Snakes and Ladders), themed around a dragon birthday party. Gameplay is simple and driven by chance, you roll a dice moving your character up the board, if you land on a ladder you get to climb up jumping ahead on the board, if you land on a slide you slip back down the board to an earlier spot. The first player across the finish line wins! While the game is very simple and chance driven it is still exciting and helps young children develop counting skills and patience.

The artwork depict numerous dragons filled with personality and character drawn by the artist Kevin Hawkes and the slides are decorated with shiny foil for added flair.

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